Master My Sales Transaction

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Master My Sales Transaction is a one hour course that equips the inspiring agent in conducting a seamless transaction for their clients whether they are a selling or listing agent. This course provides a detailed overview of the responsibilities and requirements of a real estate professional during a sales contraction. These course covers topics such as:

Duties as a Buyer's Agent

  • Locating Properties

  • Initiation of Sales Contract

  • Contract Disbursements

  • Managing Inspections

  • Requesting for Repairs

  • Managing the Underwriting Process

  • Clearing Contract Contingencies

  • Providing a Final Property Walk Through

  • Closing the Transaction

Duties as a Listing Agent

  • Listing Property

  • Manage Tours

  • Reviewing Contracts

  • Accepting Contracts

  • Contract Disbursement

  • Negotiation of Repairs

  • Appraisal Navigation

  • Seller Move Out Guide

  • Clearing Contract Contingencies

  • Closing the Transaction

This course will prepare and assist a real estate professional in providing a real estate experience for your prospective clients.

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Master My
Real Estate Documents

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Master My Real Estate Documents is a one hour course that provides a detailed overview of the most commonly used documents in a real estate transaction. At the conclusion of this course, the real estate professional will be able to identify the proper documentation needed for each transaction, understand the purpose and details of each document, and to correctly complete each document with the specific information.

These documents include:

  • General Residential Sales Contract

  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure

  • Personal Property Addendum

  • Mutual Release Agreement

  • Buyer Agency Agreement

  • Seller Listing Agreement

  • Estimated Closing Costs

  • Contract Addendum

  • Escalation Clause Addendum

  • Land/Lots Contract

  • Commercial Sales Contract

This course will prepare the real estate agent in understanding and completing real estate documentation.


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